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Dr Arif Patel

Dr. Arif Patel provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art dentistry in a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Arif Patel Preston was born on November, 1971 in Dubai UAE then Moving to Preston United Kingdom.

Arif Patel Preston
Arif Patel Preston UK


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Arif Patel UK Details

Recognized for Excellence in Dentistry Arif Patel UK

Arif Patel’s dedication to clinical excellence and patient care has earned him recognition and accolades in the dental community. Preston Magazine has listed him as a noteworthy dentistry educator, highlighting his exceptional contributions to the field. Arif’s commitment to staying at the forefront of dental advancements and his unwavering pursuit of excellence have set him apart as a leading figure in dentistry.

A Multifaceted Individual with Diverse Interests Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Arif Patel Preston is a multifaceted individual with a range of interests. His love for literature and poetry adds depth to his character and inspires him in his work. Additionally, he enjoys engaging in sports such as golf and tennis, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle. Arif’s well-rounded nature contributes to his overall success as a dentist and educator.

Arif Patel’s contributions to the field of dentistry, his dedication to education, and his innovative approaches have positioned him as a visionary leader. His commitment to patient care, passion for mentorship, and ability to drive dental innovation have left an indelible mark on the industry. Arif’s achievements and multifaceted nature make him a truly remarkable individual in the world of dentistry.